The following list is certainly not exhaustive, but all attempts have been made to include websites that are of the highest quality or best representative of their category. As when looking at any site, a bias of some sort is likely present inmany of these sites.


General Links

APIRG - University of Alberta organization that helps fund Biofreedom.

Center for Food Safety - American organization pursuing various food safety issues.

Council of Canadians - Large citizen group with chapters throughout Canada. Of special interest is their GE Alert organization, made up of a large number of reputable scientsts and academics speaking out on GE foods.

David Suzuki Foundation - Contains little information specifically on GE foods on a permanent basis, but still has great value to the 'big picture.'

Gene Watch UK - A not-for-profit group that monitors developments in genetic technologies. Information about European safety regulations for genetically modified food and feed, the traceability and labelling of genetically modified organisms and the traceability of food and feed products produced from genetically modified organisms. Announcement of European regulations for the authorisation, traceability and labelling of genetically modified food and feed.

Greenpeace - International environmental group.

Institute of Science in Society (ISIS) ISIS maintains an extensive website of Biotechnology Articles. Of particular interest is a series of articles by Professor Joe Cummins about genetically modified rice in China, Japan and India. Professor Cummins has also written an article about Monsanto's Vistive Soybean.

PSRAST - Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology.

Sierra Club - Environmental organization working in Canada since 1969, and North America since 1892.

Union of Concerned Scientists - American organization of scientists and citizens speaking out on environmental concerns.

Vegetarians of Alberta - Not specifically related to GE foods, but a good friend of Biofreedom.



BASF - Huge corporation that most people don't know have anything to do with biotechnology.

Biotechnology Industry Organization - Not as much a pro-biotechnology site as it is just a clearinghouse for information related to the industry.

Council for Biotechnology Information - Set up by a number of biotechnology companies. The definitive pro-biotechnology site.

Dow AgroSciences - Remember Agent Orange?

DuPont Biotechnology - Thought they only made chemicals? They also make your food. The name Pioneer might sound a bit more familiar.

Monsanto - Makers of the Roundup line of produc. Recently applied for approval to grow GE wheat in Canada for commercial uses.

Saskatchewan Organic Directorate SOD represents the certified organic industry in Saskatchewan.

Syngenta - One of the biotechnology world leaders.



BRAVO - A Canadian government site documenting acts, regulations, and guidelines that apply to biotechnology. Essentially a database, so don't go here expecting excitement. Invaluable for solid research on government policy.

CBAC - Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee. Set up by the government to assist in biotechnology issues, and made up of volunteer academics.

Canadian Biotechnology Strategy - Multi-ministerial government body presiding over biotechnology decisions.

City of Edmonton - Don't think that municipal politics can't affect GE foods. From disallowing test sites within city lands to the outright ban of GE foods inside the city, municipal governments have had a considerable role in the fight for food safety. Find out who your councillors are.

Government of Alberta - Find out who your Member of the Legislative Assembly is using your postal code, or determine who is the minister you would like to contact.

Government of Canada - Find out who your Member of Parliament is using your postal code, or find a specific department to write to. Learn how to properly petition the House of Commons.

OECD's Database of Field Trials - Although not completely up to date, the number of tests that have been done are surprising.

United Nations - Of particular interest are the UN Environment Programme International Register on Biosafety and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO).


Organic Food and Farms

Canadian Organic Growers - Canadian national membership-based education and networking organization representing farmers, gardeners and consumers.

Equiterre - Information about community-supported agriculture (CSA). Unfortunately most of the farms it lists are in Quebec, but a resource none the less.

Purnima Farms - An organic farm in Breton, AB that sells products at a number of Edmonton grocery stores.

The Ram's Horn - A monthly journal of food systems analysis.

Sparrow's Nest Organics - An organic farm in Opal, AB. A community-supported agriculture (CSA) farm that also sells some products in Edmonton.



Biotech Action Montreal - Montreal-based group working against GE foods.

Canada Activist Network - Networking isn't just for business people.

Edmonton Activist Network - Edmonton's branch of the Canada Activist Network.

Greenpeace - International environmental group.

Krafted - Genetically Krafted Foods, including "Genetically KRAFTed: the movie""

Organic Consumers' Assocation - US-based organization with activists worldwide. Various materials for download.


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