What is genetic engineering?

PSRAST's Introduction

A simple and relatively unbiased introduction to the processes of genetic engineering, from the Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology.


What does the biotechnology industry have to say about their products, the GE foods?

Council for Biotechnology Information

Paid for by biotechnology companies, as part of a $50 million/year public relations campaign, to provide probiotech information. Be wary of bias, and be sure to read about the organization itself, not just what they have to say.


Why should I be concerned?

Union of Concerned Scientists Biotechnology Site

Full of compelling reasons to use caution with GE foods, backed up with solid scientific basis. Also contains an explanation of the terms 'genetic engineering' and 'biotechnology' (often used interchangeable, but different). Be sure to read UCS's position on biotechnology.


What does the Canadian Government have to say about GE foods?

Canadian Biotechnology Strategy

A government body dealing with issues including GE foods in Canada. The body has been highly criticized for catering to the desires of Industry Canada too much and to the concerns of other governmental agencies too little. Note the public opinion survey conducted in 2000.

Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee

Although it has a very knowledgable base of academics and policy makers, CBAC suffers from minimal funding and the fact that its members work on a volunteer basis.


That should give you a good basic understanding of the issues surrounding GE foods. If you're still struggling with the concepts or just want to learn more, visit our links page.